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Important There is a new version, which adds the ability to send all deli's http through a proxie
Welcome to the small little resting place for Deli dash. Here you can join and host multiplayer games which are accessale to the general public. If you are after a bit of solo gameplay, but would like to compete in the online score table, simply navigate to the scores section.

In the host, join and scores sections, there are clickable links which will automatically load up Delidash. When you are ready to play, grab the game below.

You can click any of the screens below to view a larger version
Menu screen
One Player
Two Player


- sped up the frame rate to 75 fps, should improve lag on the text box
- Tried to fix ip gathering for network players using online listing
- New clipboard.dll , fixes crash if non text in clipboard
- ADDED! ability to use a proxie for any http deli uses (see text-file 'proxie')
The file size is 7.54 megs. If you are on a 56k connection, a download manager is recommended!. Please choose a download location below

Primary Download Click

Download Mirror 2 Click
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